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She'll be loaded with Gold and ambergris, and all the gems of Araby

Swim, man, swim for the wreckage!

Joe Nagle/Bryan Dick Community
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The appreciation community for Bryan Dick/Joseph Nagle!!!

All large images behind a cut tag. And, if you can help it, PLEASE try not to hotlink. It kills the servers for other people's sites. Upload to your own album (try photobucket.com)

If you are posting more than four icons, use a cut PLEASE. It slows down the page loading for the people with slow computer . Also, YOU MUST CREDIT THE CREATOR unless they say otherwise.

Fanfics are cool, just no fics where you get to meet Joe/Bryan, and he falls madly in love with you, and you end up sleeping together and getting married. They annoy all of us who are his fans who all wanna be with him. Now if it's a "This could happen to you!" fic where it works with Anyone, cool. "Slash" is hesitantly allowed, but if you are involving a fic with slash, A CUT PLEASE WITH A WARNING. If you do not follow that rule, I will warn you first, and then you will be BANNED. Fics involving characters from his movies is also allowed.
All fanfics need to have:
Rating: (Anything PG-13 or above needs a cut!)

I'm a big fan of Bryan/Joe, and I don't want any BASHING of him. We also need to RESPCT this personal RIGHTS. This is not a place to talk about his sexual orientation. I don't want people claiming to have kissed/slept/etc.. with him. You are most likely lying, and if you aren't, RESPECT HIS PRIVACY!!!

Also, if you have his "address" try to keep from giving it out. If someone HAS written to Bryan, and gotten a reply saying they can give the address out, sure, then, go ahead. But remember that the person is most likely a poser, and let me warn you DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION

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